Holiday Hafla: New Performance Sunday, Dec 20th, 12noon PST

Its a huge honor and dream come true to be (belly) dancing with this community on Sunday at Noon, PST, and learning from Zoe Jakes.

Zoe Jakes

Zoe is one of my favorite performers and inspirations of all time, and her virtual live classes have kept my spirits up during this pandemic. Captivating is the best word to describe Zoe's dance.

Join us at noon for our Holiday Hafla, and my unofficial birthday (virtual) gathering.

I will be using a brand new song from CloZee, called Kanzan. I am excited to be a wide-eyed beginner at this dance form and a sponge for knowledge.

One of the best parts of Zoe's classes is how she teaches about culture, appropriation and awareness that is required when learning another culture's dance. It's the perfect time!

With all due respect and Love...

Meeting ID: 878 3827 3764
Passcode: 336101