You don't need muscles - Only the desire to be free.

As a lover of the body and all things aerial, my classes are accessible, challenging, fulfilling and above all, fun! I offer aerial yoga, yoga, handstands, aerial hoop (lyra), aerial conditioning, active flexibility, hula hoops, and tapping (AKA "Emotional Freedom Technique"). My class offerings change periodically, so check back often.

Current Classes & Schedule: Wednesdays at Oakland Pole + Dance

Handstands + Inversions (All Levels)

🪩Wed Nov 8th: 5:45pm

🪩Wed Nov 22nd: 5:45pm

In this all-levels Handstands and Inversions class, we'll progress through various floor inversions to build up to some impressive shapes with stellar technique.

We’ll work with headstand, shoulder stand, forearm stand and handstands to give you a variety of skills you can continue practicing.

This class emphasizes conditioning drills, core stability and quality of movement to craft amazing inversions you can be proud of.

Active Flex: Splits (All Levels)

🪩Wed Nov 15th: 5:45pm

🪩Wed Nov 29th: 5:45pm

In this limited-time class, students will learn the elements for getting deeper into all kinds of splits. This class is appropriate for anyone looking to access their splits on and off aerial apparatuses.

Each class will begin with a core-focused warmup, working to get the hip flexors and glutes activated as well as doing some soft tissue prep to loosen up the muscles and prepare the body for deep leg stretching.

We will work through conditioning exercises focusing on the core, hips, quads, hamstrings, and glutes. Exercises will also focus on proper alignment to safely deepen the range of motion and length.

***Note that this flexibility class is not appropriate for people who are recovering from spinal surgery and is not a replacement for injuries that require physical therapy.***

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