Erin Shredder

Erin 'Shredder' is a California native who grew up in the Santa Cruz Mountains between the giant redwoods and the beautiful waves of the Pacific NorthWest coastline. In 2003, Erin Shredder was moved deeply while watching Hoopalicious at Burning Man. With this newfound inspiration a fresh purpose materialized and a love affair with the hoop ensued. Shredder Hoops was born. Thriving on adventure and self-discovery, this hoop artist extraordinaire has a passion for circles and beauty, and a demonstrated mastery of both.

As a professional cirque & performance artist, Shredder spends much of her time spinning on the aerial lyra, deftly manipulating any number of hula hoops (sometimes on fire), and lowering the jaws of the general populous. In 2018, Shredder expanded her performance company from ShredderHoops to Shreddertainment, which now provides a hub for all of Shredder's unique acts, in addition to access to other artists who Shredder enjoys collaborating with. Collaborating is one of Shredder's favorite ways to make art for the world.

~Welcome to Shreddertainment!~

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