You don't need muscles - Only the desire to be free.

As a lover of the body and all things aerial, my classes are accessible, challenging, fulfilling and above all, fun! I offer aerial yoga, yoga, handstands, aerial hoop (lyra), aerial conditioning, active flexibility, hula hoops, and tapping (AKA "Emotional Freedom Technique"). My class offerings change periodically, so check back often.

After Registration, you will receive a confirmation and a ZOOM link will be emailed within 10mins of start time.

Contact Shredder if times do not work and we can schedule a private session. All classes can be level-adapted based on skill level of participants.

Beginners welcome! Everyone will get to work within their own level from beginners to advanced hand balancers in the comfort and safety of your own home or shelter. Don’t get intimidated by fears and old limiting thoughts that used to hold you back. Now is the perfect time to explore this new dimension of standing on your hands and inverting. Costumes are welcome as long as you can still forward fold and not get tangled. No experience necessary.

Tranzformation Flow Yoga

Tues (noon) & Thurs (7pm)

This one-hour guided practice will not only help you find space in your body, it also supports you while you explore. With a blend of yoga techniques and breathwork, this practice offers the perfect balance of play and surrender while you learn to empower your body without too much effort. You will explore the shapes that your body is capable of. This yoga class is fitting for folks who are learning to walk again without pain, or it can be a great foundational practice for the professional athlete. Tranzformation Flow Yoga accommodates all levels, shapes, sizes, genders, and spiritual practices.

Aerial Yoga Flow SF Bay Area
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